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There are a few costumes I've said I'm doing over the past couple of years but have never quite got around to doing. I'm happy to say that I'm currently working on a costume that will definitely be seen through to the very end!
That costume, as you may have figured from my last couple of photos (and the title of this post) is a Lara Croft outfit (specifically from the 2013 'Reborn' game).

I like to challenge myself with each costume that I do, and although at first this costume looks quite simple (a couple of tank tops, cargo pants, and an assortment of weapons and props), there is a lot more to it than appears. The biggest challenge for me on this costume is going to be weathering, something I've never had to do on a costume before!
If you've played the game, you'll notice that Lara's costume deteriorates throughout it, ultimately ending up in a terribly grubby shredded state. I've decided to do the version of the outfit seen about mid-way through the game (in the final stage of deterioration it may be too difficult to make the top last more than one use before becoming un-wearable for all the holes in it).

To help with the 'worn' look, before I even start weathering the costume I've started wearing parts of it as frequently as possible (at the moment only the grey top is complete), to make it look like it's been lived in prior to being dirtied and torn. I've seen so many wonderfully-done costumes that have weathering completely painted on or have holes carefully cut in with scissors, but I'm deciding to take a different take and actually wear the heck out of this thing before the 'weathering' stage even begins (where I intend to perhaps start holes with a very small scissor insertion and then thin the fabric/ enlarge the holes through scraping with rough stones/ pumice rocks/ sandpaper, to make it look like damage has been sustained through tumbling over rocks/ raiding tombs etc).

For this precise reason I've sourced really heavy-weight fabric from the US (it's so hard finding suitable fabric for anything in NZ!) to use for the pants, because those are going to have to take a heck of a beating! Yeah - I'm making ALL the fabric components for this outfit. Haven't found any pants close-enough in colour/ style, or fabric thickness, so am just going to make a pair that resembles Lara's :)
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Lex-The-Bear Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
Dunno if it'll help, but I got the special edition of the game, the one that came with the figurine. If you'd like any pics of it, for reference,  just lemme know.
Bria-Silivren Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Thanks for the offer, I've got a digital render program where I can see Lara at any angle and zoom right on on things like the pattern on the buttons on her pants, so I'm fine for reference images :)
Lex-The-Bear Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Sounds like an essential tool for a gaming cosplayer ;)
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August 21, 2013